Our partners

Praxis – Institute for Participatory Practices

Praxis is a knowledge organisation specialising in participatory approaches to sustainable development and is committed to the advancement of equity by enabling the marginalised to be heard and their views acted upon. Praxis believes that for development to be sustainable, the process must be truly participative.

Praxis is headquartered in New Delhi with offices in Chennai, Patna, Kerala and London.

Corporate Responsibility Watch

Corporate Responsibility Watch (CRW) is a voluntary network of 14 organisations and prominent independent consultants based in New Delhi, and anchored by Praxis. It has sought to address perceived gaps in civil society efforts to access, analyse and disseminate information that challenges the growing power of large corporates. With Partners in Change as one of the most active members, it has come together to scrutinise the corporate environment in India from a social justice perspective.

Credibility Alliance

PiC has been a member of the credibility alliance since 2005. We adhere to the norms prescribed for good governance of voluntary organizations. The alliance promotes good governance and public disclosure and it is a consortium of voluntary organizations in India, committed towards enhancing accountability and transparency in the voluntary sector through good governance.