Name Position
Javid Chowdhury President
Jyotsna Bhatnagar Secretary
Nicole Menezes Member
Pramod John Member
Ravi Narayanan Member
T.V. Ramanathan (Prof.) Member
Pradeep Narayanan, Director, PiC Ex-officio member



Ekta Verma
Development Trainee
Ekta has recently completed her development communications course from Lady Irwin College. Her area of research includes corporate disclosures. She has collated data for the status of corporate responsibility in India report. She also supports the communications unit of Partners in Change.
She can be reached at

Jhumki Dutta
Project Manager
Jhumki has been working with Partners in Change since 2016. She brings to the organisation her skills in engaging with businesses and government entities for responsible business practices and advocating for public disclosure. She has facilitated participatory assessment studies, monitoring and evaluation training programmes. An able communicator, she is at ease working with communities at the grassroots level as well as in presenting their issues at different forums. She has worked previously with Praxis Institute for Participatory Practices and United Nations Global Compact Network India.
She can be reached at

Manoj Kumar
Office Assistant
Manoj supports the administration and finance team as an office assistant in their day-to-day activities. He looks after office logistics. He is also interested in issues of disaster, especially in the context of hill communities.
He can be reached at

Pradeep Narayanan
Pradeep has been leading Partners in Change since June 2014. At a time when ‘2% CSR’ has become a popular pathway for engaging with businesses, he has been guiding PiC to continue to be an organization that works on integrating human rights in business operations – especially the supply chain. He has more than 20 years of experience of working in the Corporate, Government, and Non-governmental sector and has been associated with organisations like Praxis, CRY, Global March Against Child Labour and JK Corp Ltd.
He can be reached at

Pragya Shah
Development Trainee
Pragya Shah, a lawyer, has been working with Partners in Change since February 2017. She contributes to projects related to the pharmaceutical sector; gender and decent work; and corporate responsibility. She has previously worked with Human Rights Law Network, Delhi and was a part of fact finding teams and a researcher on certain critical human rights issues.
She can be reached at

Rohan Preece
Project Manager
Rohan has been with Partners in Change since 2015. His recent work has focused on the social and environmental policy commitments of businesses, in particular responsible banking and finance. His work also involves engaging with academic institutions and curriculum development on business and human rights. Rohan brings to the organisation his experience in teaching, educational research, policy development, project design, participatory monitoring and reporting. He has around 10 years’ experience with diverse private, government and third sector institutions in the UK and in India, including UNICEF, Save the Children and Aman Biradari.
He can be reached at

Stanley Joseph
Programme Manager
Stanley, who is based in Chennai, joined Partners in Change in April 2017. He has organised consultations with government, civil society and businesses on labour practices and has facilitated research on the same. He has 17 years of experience in social work practice, participatory research, action research and responsible business assessments. He has extensive experience in community empowerment through participation. He has worked with Praxis Institute for Participatory Practices and INP+ (Indian Network for People Living With HIV/AIDS).
He can be reached at

Viraf Mehta
Viraf has led Partners in Change between 2002 and 2010, before joining the team as advisor. A social anthropologist by training, he has been at the forefront of corporate social responsibility in India since 1988. He is instrumental in making different policy shifts, including that of National Voluntary Guidelines on Social, Environmental and Economic Responsibilities of Business. He was earlier with Tata Group between 1986-2000, and has served on several International and National Committees, including the Bureau of Indian Standards, the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs and the erstwhile Planning Commission. He is one of India’s leading voices for a national business and human rights framework.
He can be reached at

The Programme team is supported by an Administrative and Finance Team and a Communications Team.