Pradeep Narayanan
Pradeep has more than 18 years of experience of working in Corporate, Government, and Non-governmental sector in India, Singapore and UK. Since 2004, he has focused on labour issues, especially child labour. For the last five years, his focus has been on business responsibility. Over the years, he has also designed monitoring frameworks on the issue of community participation and been involved with related capacity building efforts, including in terms of human rights and supply chains. He has been central to recent civil society efforts to analyse large corporations’ disclosures of their ESG policies and mechanisms, notably the India Responsible Business Index.

Viraf Mehta
A social anthropologist by training, Viraf has been at the forefront of the CSR field in India since 1988. With the Tata Group between 1986-2000, he oversaw several aspects of one of India’s best known models of corporate community investment, and was active in promoting CSR across Industry in India, as well as in South Asia. Viraf is re-associating himself with Partners in Change, having previously led the organisation with distinction between 2002-2010. During this period Viraf contributed significantly to the UN SRSG’s Human Rights and Business mandate, and to the localization of the agenda in India through the Global Compact and other important initiatives. Viraf has served on several International and National Committees with regards to the development of domestic corporate responsibility norms and standards, as well as their equivalents in the NGO sector, including the Bureau of Indian Standards, The Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs and the Planning Commission. He was a core contributor to the National Voluntary Guidelines on the Social, Environmental and Economic Responsibilities of Business (NVGs) in 2010-11, and its updated 2016 version (work in progress). Viraf was one of the Rapporteurs at the 1st UN Asian Regional Forum on Human Rights and Business, and is one of India’s leading voices for a national business and human rights framework.

Sandeep Saxena
Sandeep brings over 20 years of experience in industry, during which he has held key positions on strategy and partnerships, outreach and fund raising with eminent not for profit organisations. A member of a range of international associations, Sandeep participates actively in District 3011 of Rotary International, responsible for Media and Communications.

Rohan Preece
Project Manager
Rohan has around 10 years’ experience with diverse private, government and third sector institutions in the UK and in India. He brings a background in teaching, educational research, and curriculum development, including time with UNICEF, Save the Children and Aman Biradari. His skills include policy development, project design, participatory monitoring and reporting. Rohan’s core interests concern the role of the State and the private sector in helping to assure the rights of marginalised and excluded people. His recent work has focused on the social and environmental policy commitments of businesses, in particular banks.

Dikshit Saluja
Project Manager
Dikshit has been with Partners in Change for almost 4 years. He has worked on project evaluation, delivered training to NGOs, and been a part of assessment team for screening CSR awards.He has good experience of conducting primary research and has travelled extensively in some of the rural parts of the country. His interest lies in seeing and understanding the existing and potential relationship between business responsibility and development issues. He has engaged with the corporate sector in different capacities, which helps him better understand the subject matter of business responsibility.

Reena Cherian
Project Officer
Reena has 6 years of experience of working in the development sector and has also been in Faculty positions at educational institutions. She received her Ph.D in Social Work from University of Delhi and has undertaken training in Human Rights and Business from Indian Law Institute, Delhi. Reena has been part of the Corporate Social Responsibility evaluation team for various organisations in different capacities and has worked towards responsible financing and investment. She specialises in project management, documentation, project evaluation and dialoguing and networking. Reena is interested in sustainable and responsible business practices.

The Programme team is supported by an Administrative and Finance Team, and a Communications Team.


Name Position
Mr. Ravi Narayanan President
Mr. Pradeep Narayanan Director
Ms. Jyotsna Bhatnagar Member
Mr. Javid Chowdhury Member
Ms. Nicole Menezes Member
Mr. Bobby Mark Zachariah Member