"Sustainability begins not
with money but with


CSR is a continually evolving concept and as such the resources continue to expand. There are numerous documents produced across the world which add the discussion and debate on corporate social responsibility. Below we have included a certain number of documents which can be helpful in understanding CSR.

CSR in India

GOI Input on CSR
Private Sector

Public sector

Mining Sector


CSR-related Subjects
Affirmative Action

  • Affirmative Action Policy for SCs/ STs ASSOCHAM, January 2011
    Link: http://www.assocham.org/policies/Code-of-Conduct.ppt


  • The CSR Hub provides access to corporate social responsibility and sustainability ratings and information on nearly 5,000 companies from 135 industries in 65 countries.)
  • Tata Institute of Social Sciences CSR Hub
    Link: http://www.tisscsrhub.org/
    Link: http://www.csrhub.com/

Human Rights

  • International Consultation on Caste-Based Discrimination, Bethan Cobley, December 2011


  • Catalytic Philanthropy in India, FSG and ISB, February 2012
    Link: http://www.fsg.org/tabid/191/ArticleId/582/Default.aspx?srpush=true
  • Maid in India, SOMO and ICN, April 2012
    Link: http://www.indianet.nl/pdf/MaidInIndia.pdf
  • Responsible Finance: A Catalyst for Responsible Business, GIZ, March 2012
    Link: http://www.giz.de/Themen/en/SID-097BA60D-274ED950/dokumente/giz-2012-responsibe-finance-en.pdf