PiC CSR Training Workshop in Bangalore

CSR Training Workshop for NGOs & Social Enterprises (The Section 135) on 22 Jan. 2014, New Delhi

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Welcome to PiC

PiC was established as a not-for-profit organization in 1995 specifically to promote CSR in India and since then we have remained a pioneer in building awareness and capacity. We assist companies in becoming partners in development by promoting partnerships among business, disadvantaged communities, development initiatives and the government.

We collaborate with the donor community, national and international civil society organizations and NGOs as well as with companies, business associations and the government on a wide range of innovative programmes and projects for promoting the practice of CSR for the all-round sustainable development of the society.

Our team also works with advocacy groups, management institutions and student bodies for promoting and integrating CSR education and research among the business leaders of tomorrow.

Our Values